Advantages of video marketing

According to a ReelSEO study, 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after viewing a video. They allow, for example, the promotion of products or the presentation of your company. They can also provide related content such as tutorials, tutorials, and more. And do you take advantage of this great tool?

Why use video for your e-commerce site?

In a very pragmatic way, retail sites using video have an optimized presentation of their products, they see the time spent by Internet users on the site increase with an increase in the average value of the basket and improved conversion rates.

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Advantages of a mobile application

oday, there is no longer any doubt about the importance of having a site accessible by mobile that it is responsive or dedicated. However, do you know the benefits of a mobile app compared to a mobile version of a site?

With a penetration rate of 55%, France ranks third in the world (far behind England and the United States). It is more than one French out of two who owns a smartphone and the share of mobile traffic should climb more and more if we catch up with our Anglo-Saxon neighbors. Moreover, according to Google, “consumers consult their phone 150 times a day,” which they call “micro-moments”. Thus, each of these moments is an opportunity for a brand to influence the decisions and preferences of customers.

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Create a website or make a blog?

What is the difference between creating a site and making a blog? If you do not know, we will try to enlighten you to help you make your choice and describe the different aspects of these two creatures.

At first, one must be aware that creating a site will generally ask for more work than creating a blog. The reason for this is that a blog has a well-defined form, so your design will be very focused. While a site can take any form and will therefore require a greater creative effort.

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Why a digital strategy?

The rise of digital media (web, mobile) in today’s lifestyle has many repercussions on the techniques and processes that companies must use to reach their targets. The digital marketing thus designates the set of strategies to be implemented on digital media, in order to optimize:

– Acquisition and retention of new customers

– Promotion of products and services

– Development of brand awareness and brand image

All these elements must be incorporated into the marketing strategies of brands and companies, otherwise their image will lose momentum in favor of a very keen competition through various media such as:

– Computer

– Mobile phone

– Podcast

– Video games

– Dynamic poster

– Outdoor advertising panel

– Television in point of sale …

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